Saturday, July 08, 2006

Poll for Bots: Provocation # 1

Do you consider your existence to be absurd?
Maybe, but who cares
Can't say (It's too private)
Yet to find out

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Re: Nomenclature

See, I just proved my point. The "comment" to my previous post shows the futility of the activity known as BLOGGING...the art of writing useless stuff on an obscure wall beside a deserted lane treaded by none, with a vain hope that someday someone will come by and read it and maybe...appreciate it!
This is the height of vanity, if there exists something like it.
Now about the comment. Apparently a person read my blog and had to say something about it. The aforementioned italicized statement is a reflection of 'normal human expectation' (again the caveat: if there exists something like it). But on a closer analysis, it will be seen:
1. It cannot be said conclusively that the person who wrote the comment (let's call him the 'commentator') is a 'person' at all. It's just another presumption to make things simpler and comfortable. He(/she) may be a bot, or any other existent/non-existent beyond my contemplation.
2. It cannot be said conclusively that the commentator 'read' the contents of my blog. He may have just posted his comment. Besides, no part of his comment has any reference to any part of my previous post, with respect to which the comment was posted. The expression 'dark site' actually refers to the template I've chosen for my blog, and not the previous post.
3. The commentator had nothing to say about my blog. He's an evangelist of some sort (as I presume from his blog) and he's merely doing his job.
Therefore the aforementioned italicized statement is wrong.
Therefore I've proved the second sentence of the present post.
So...continue celebrating the futility of blogging, the absurdity of the world wide web!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well, frankly the name of the blog could have been "Celebrating Absurdity", for you cannot do anything but celebrate the farce that is called life, once you realize how absurd your existence is. But again, there was no reason either for not naming the blog otherwise. Therefore I chose the latter.
Many questions raise at this juncture, but I'm going to raise only one due to admitted paucity of time and energy. The question is whether the "I chose" in the previous paragraph was really my choice. Yes, it was indeed my choice. The roads that you take are always regulated by societal expectations, though you may console yourself otherwise. But if there were no society, have you internalized the social norms to such an extent so as to wear your dining suit in company of aboriginals? I don't think do. Therefore, in a place called cyberspace, where the medium itself is virtual, you know you are floating paper boats in the drain. They have no objective to fulfil, no destination to reach. You are the master of all your choices, and yet you are the slave of the same choices, for they are indeterminate.
You are the master and slave at the same time. You are the controller and the controlled combined in one. You are two diammetrically opposite entities, and yet claim to be a unity, a whole. This is a contradiction it itself. Therefore, you are absurd, and condemned to be free.